Photographer both above and below the surface

AUDUN RIKARDSEN • Wildlife Photographer

Audun grew up in Steigen, a small fishing village in northern Norway, and has always been fascinated by the Arctic climate, the rugged landscape and its wildlife, both above and below the surface. Audun works as a professor of biology at the University of Tromso, but devotes a lot of his time to photography. Most of Audun’s pictures are taken in northern Norway, Greenland and Svalbard. Wildlife and nature photography is for me to have fun, to experience special moments and to share my experiences through my pictures, says Audun. Audun’s extensive image bank also offers very exciting photos ranging from skiing to hiking, all in a different and photographically exciting environment.

AWARDS: Throughout the years, Audun has won a number of highly prestigious prices. In 2015, he was named Wildlife photographer of the year in the National History Museum’s prestigious photo competition (read more). Audun has also won a lot of prizes, including the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Arctic photographer of the year.

GEAR: Audun works with Canon and Tamron equipment, including the 7D, 6D, 5DIII and 1DX I and II cameras. He uses everything from fisheye lenses around 8-14mm to telephoto lenses like a 150-600mm. Among the equipment there are also several underwater cameras and cases.