Zoom Photo Tours have over the years taken numerous travelers to some of the world’s best photo destinations – from the rainforests of Borneo to the African savannahs and the vast icecap of Greenland. Our tours are always led by some of the world’s greatest photographers in their area and we work with both well-known National Geographic photographers to award-winning photographers. Our journey started in Sweden in 2013, and after quickly becoming the leading photo tour operator in all of Scandinavia, www.zoomfotoresor.se, we now have offices in several countries, from Stockholm to New Delhi. We also work with selected partners in the photo industry among them Amatuer Photographer the leading photo magazine in the UK, where we create workshops and tours for their readers and subscribers.


Ever since the start, it has been important to us to give you not only the best and most rewarding photography experience but also a travel experience that you will remember for a long time to come. Here are some things we do to make this happen.

    • An internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer will help you to improve your photo skills.
    • During all tours and workshops, we always work with image processing and image evaluation.
    • A dedicated Tour Coordinator from Zoom Photo Tours takes care of the logistics and leave the tutor free to concentrate you and your photography.
    • Already whey you book a tour you know which hotels you will stay at.
    • High quality food, accommodation, and transportation throughout the tour.
    • Always small groups.
    • We always work with experienced local agents to ensure the smooth running of each tour.
    • We  actively work with conservation during our conservation programe “Save the Wildlife”.