Here you will find all the information you need to know before you book your photo adventure. If you still have any questions regarding you trip or if something is unclear, you are more than welcome to contact us over phone, Skype or email. You can find all our contact info on our contact page, or just click here. Rest assured, you will be well taken care of when you sign up for a tour with us.


When you want to book a trip you can do it through our website. You can also do it by contacting us directly via phone, e-mail or Skype. Once you have booked your trip a booking confirmation will be sent to your e-mail. This is a valid confirmation for the trip as well as an acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. In order to secure your participation on the tour you need to place a deposit according to our payment conditions.

When you receive your booking confirmation, it is important to check that the names of all participants are correctly spelled according to your passport. This is especially important if your booking includes any domestic flights. The name you stated when booking must be exactly as in the passport. If you want to change it after the ticket has been confirmed and printed, you will always receive a charge from the airline or worst case scenario have to buy a brand new ticket. Some airlines do not allow change of names, not even individual letters.

NOTE! The ticket can not be rebooked or canceled after it has been validated and confirmed.

Fees are in U.S. dollars and in pound sterling depending on workshop/tour.


To secure your reservation a deposit of 400 USD or 300 GBP per person is due within seven days after the booking. The deposit will be deducted on final invoice. Please note that your deposit is 100% refundable according to our terms and conditions. The reservation is not valid until the deposit is paid.

Your final balance is due no later than 60 days prior to departure.

For reservations made within 60 days of the departure, full payment is required when the reservation is accepted.

After your booking you will receive invoices both for the deposit and for the for the final balance. The invoice also contains payment method and account number etc.


If changes are made to your booking, a rebooking fee will be charged at each time of change as well as any extra costs from our supplier.

More than 60 days before departure. 50 USD or 40 GBP
Less than 60 days before departure. 100 USD or 80 GBP

For reservations made within 60 days of the departure, full payment is required when the additional services are accepted.

If you want to add something after your booking has been made, please do this by sending us an email to The additional booking will be charged on the final invoice.


We understand that sometimes you unfortunately have to cancel a tour. Therefore, the following are the cancellation policies for our tours:

More than 120 before departure – Free cancellation
120-90 days before departure – We keep deposit only
90-60 days before departure – 50% of total tour cost
59-31 days before departure – 75% of total tour cost
30 days or less before departure – 100% of total tour cost

This policy also applies to pre- and post-trip extensions. Any airline tickets issued are subject to the carrier’s refund policy. Leaving a tour in progress will not result in a refund, and no refunds will be made for any unused portions of a tour

All cancellation notices must be received in writing and emailed to


We reserve the right to cancel the tour due to few guests that have signed up for the tour, strikes, war, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances that make the tour inappropriate. If a tour is canceled prior to departure, you will be fully refunded.

We are not responsible for any refund for non-refundable airline tickets or for any airline tickets purchased by the passenger directly from an airline or travel agent.

In the event of the photo leader being unable to attend due to illness or other circumstances beyond our control, a photo leader of the same standard will be provided.


Please see exactly what’s included in each tour under the “Included” sections on the tour pages on our website.


Travelers who prefer a single room may have one at a single-room surcharge. We cannot always guarantee single accommodation even after reservations and confirmations have been made. We apologize for having to charge the single-room fee, but our program costs are based on two people sharing a room.

I you prefer to share a room with a roommate we will try to match those who choose that. If we cannot arrange a match, the single supplement fee will apply.

Exact single-room surcharge is listed under each tour.


All our tours are based on different currencies and exchange rates. The currency and rate used for calculating are listed under the “Price” sections on each tour page on our website. In terms of fluctuations in exchange rates a surcharge will be invoiced. Notification will be given at the time of final invoicing.

The prices are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances such as increase in fuel prices, government surcharges and other increases beyond our control. While we will do everything possible to maintain the listed prices, if it is necessary to levy a surcharge, we reserve the right to do so, and notification will be given at the time of final invoicing.


Your pre-departure package will be sent to you approximately 6 weeks prior to your tour and will contain travel documents, practical information about the destination and the tour, equipment list, visa information, vaccination requirements, literature list and necessary phone numbers and further material that will help you prepare for your adventure.


In the interest of traveler comfort or safety, we may be required to make changes in itineraries due to weather conditions or logistical reasons, all in order to give the best value of the tour.

All travelers are responsible for getting to the starting point of the tour. The international flights to our travel destinations are usually not included in the tour price. When booking your flight please note that flight times are always preliminary and can be adjusted without prior notice from the airlines. Therefore, consider this when booking any connection flights. Make sure you have a good time margin so you don’t miss your connecting flight due to other delays. This may at worst mean that you have to buy a new ticket.

Should your airline fail to bring you on time to participate on the tour, there will be no refund made for missed services on our side.


Some of our tours may have luggage weight restrictions for our guests’ comfort and safety especially when we are traveling in light aircraft. Baggage exceeding specified limits is subject to being left behind or forwarded to the ending point at your expense. “All carry-ons” includes camera equipment. Please pack lightly and follow the guidelines in your pre-departure travel package.


If you have special requests, as special food, airline seat or other requests, you should inform us of these at the time of booking. We will advise the relevant supplier of your requirements, but we cannot guarantee that such requests will be met, and will have no liability to you if such requests are not met.


Some countries require a visa for you to enter. If so, the visa must be applied for either at the respective embassy, over the country’s visa service or online. Application for a visa is not always an easy process. Prior to each trip where a visa is required, you will receive a detailed document containing all the information and requirements of each country and how to complete the visa application.


You must be in good physical and mental health. Any physical condition or treatment requiring special attention must be reported in writing at the time of booking. By registering for a Zoom Photo Tour, the participant certifies that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other participants.


We strongly recommend that you buy cancellation and travel insurances. The insurance should cover the loss, expenses and damages arising from, including but not limited to, the cancellation of the tour, personal accident and injury, medical and repatriation costs, loss of baggage and personal money and belongings and flight cancellations and delays.


We reserve the right to take photographs or videos during the tour and to use the resulting images, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use. If the participant prefers that his/her likeness not to be used, he/she must notify us in writing prior to departure.


All Zoom Photo Tours are covered by the Travel Guarantee Act. Zoom Photo Tours has issued statutory travel guarantee to Kammarkollegiet, Sweden.

These travel terms comply with the provisions of the Swedish Package Travel Act.